Factory Seconds – Navy Blue Prepper Bidet Launch Edition



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Product Description

It turns out that it’s a little easier to put on the toilet seat with a Wiz Bag if the exit hole for the plastic tube is on the side of the bucket rather than towards the back. So we updated the design. 

So this model has the old design with the exit hole for the plastic tube towards the back. There’s no change to the functionallity, it’s just we like the new design a bit better. Because of that we lowered the price a bit.

The Prepper Bidet provides a sanitary solution that minimizes or eliminates the need for toilet paper. Imagine running out of toilet paper during an emergency or natural disaster. What would you use? 

Forget crowded campgrounds and shared restrooms. Go a bit further and escape the crowds while have your own bathroom facilites.

The Launch Edition includes:

The Bidet

The Bucket

The Pump

2 Packets of Sweet Bidet Wiz Gel

2 Rolls of Wiz Bags

20 Compressed Towel Tablets

Due to the nature of the product no returns will be accepted.

Free Shipping to the contiguous United States!

The Prepper Bidet (Patent Pending)


  • Weight: 96 oz
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 14 in
  • Height: 16 in

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